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Feedback on the creation of the new website of the State of Geneva

Dernière mise à jour : 22 févr. 2021

The 18th of September, I had the opportunity and the honor of being the speaker of the Women In Digital Switzerland meetup on the theme "How the Canton of Geneva innovates in Digital Projects".

I wanted this presentation as a feedback of the project to redesign the website of the State of Geneva which I had the chance to participate.

Contrary to what the title of the presentation may suggest, I did not speak at all about technique.

As my role on the project was the one of a Business Analyst (logical no?), I shared the different "innovative" concepts that we use in business analysis, change management, and project management. These main concepts are:

  • using Living Labs to bring end users (citizens and writers in our case) back at the center of the project;

  • the use of collaborative workshops to bring out the best of the project's stakeholders (creativity and innovation);

  • The combination of Living Lab & collaborative workshop really works wonders;

  • the complete change of concept of the site (simplification and reorganization) and the way in which it was necessary to convince the different actors (basically the change management)

  • the Lean Startup method which consists in:

  • gathering information as close as possible to the end users to know their needs,

  • rapidly developing a solution that can meet some of the needs expressed,

  • publishing this solution (also quickly),

  • collecting feedback from users,

  • and starting over ...

  • agile project management to quickly deliver (sprint time) new features or enhancements to our customers.

I'm sure that, for many of you, it's not about news or at least innovations, except maybe Living Labs.

And you are right. These different concepts have existed for a while and are already used by many companies.

However, believe me (or not), this is the first time I have the opportunity to put all these concepts into practice on the same project.

The result ? It's making miracles! And it would be a shame to do without!

Find below the projected presentation (also available on SlideShare) :

I want to thank everyone present at this meet-up. I received a very warm welcome and the questions that were asked were all of high quality and relevant.

Thanks also to Taïssa for encouraging me to make this presentation and to Julia and Karen for organizing this meet-up.

Feel free to leave comments to talk about your own feedback on these topics! I would love to exchange with you.

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