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Have you used Value Analysis in your projects ?

Dernière mise à jour : 22 févr. 2021

I would really like to know how many of you have already used value analysis in one of their projects.

I can hear some of you saying , "Value analysis ? Of course we have an analysis phase in our projects."

And the value in all this? Because it is quite possible to carry out a very thorough analysis without being interested in the value.

Value ... Value ... OK, but what are we talking about exactly? The cost of production of my project? The cost for my clients to buy my tool / service ?

No, not at all, do not mix price and value.

The value is:

  • a perception: it varies according to the context, it will not be the same from one day to another,

  • an individual notion: we do not all have the same perception of things around us,

  • a changing notion, depending on: customers, time, our competitors,

  • a comparison with our competitors.

Value is related to customer satisfaction / usefulness of our service, product, process. It also depends on the cost, the resources in terms of time, money, effort and throughout the life cycle of the product / project (analysis, acquisition / purchase, production / production, maintenance ...).

It is calculated as follows:

valeur = satisfaction client / coût

Now that the term "value" is clearer, here is the Wikipedia definition of value analysis:

"Value Analysis (VA) is a method born in the United States just at the end of the Second World War, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Lawrence Delos Miles, an engineer at General Electric, to solve a shortage problem. Miles realizes that in a product, what counts is the function it performs, regardless of the solution used to fulfill that function, and from this observation, it looks for new solutions to ensure corresponding function at the least cost."

To summarize, the value analysis consists in carrying out an analysis phase focusing on the added value of the functionalities (customer satisfaction), while keeping in mind that costs must be optimized. This technique applies when improving an existing service, product, or process. When it is used to create a new service, product, or process, it is called « Value Engineering ».

The purpose of value analysis is to find levers to increase the value of a product, service or process:

  • or by increasing customer satisfaction / features.

  • by reducing costs,

Trivial, will you say. Yes that is true, but to carry out a value analysis in due form, you still have to follow a well-defined process that I will explain in a future article.

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